Workout Programs + Sports Nutrition Plans

We will get you results!! I KNOW the struggle with having small kids and how crucial it is to be effective with your time.  That applies to healthy eating AND exercise, so we created programs that give you more bang for your buck!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist through NASM, who has created Fitness guides that can be used at home OR the gym. Not everyone can make it to the gym, and you shouldn’t have to suffer because of that.

We also have packages with custom meal plans with meal prep guides and recipe lists, that are simple and work AMAZING for our clients.

These programs:

?WAY more time efficient than driving to the gym and back.  Our programs are designed to SAVE tons of time!
? Don’t require a gym membership. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, or the gym if you do go to one.
? Affordable
? Only requires one set of Dumbbells minimum
? The workouts switch up so you won’t get bored
? The strength portions only take about 25 Minutes per workout, 4x a week

? Step-by-step easy guide for anyone new to weights, including pictures, notes and descriptions! A copy will also be emailed to you as well as your download.

?Accountability is key to success!  We have optional online accountability groups which are included in your program

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See below for our program options, and more information-


8 Week Home/Gym Strength Training Program + 4 Weeks of Meal Prep and Custom Meal Plans-

12 Week Home/Gym Strength Training Program + 4 Weeks of Meal Prep and Custom Meal Plans-

Here is a sample of what our Body Transformation Guide looks like:

12 Week Pregnancy-Safe Home/Gym Training Program + Fitness Nutrition Program-

It’s safe and effective for pregnant woman and post-partum mamas (who have been cleared to resume work-outs of course), OR anyone who wants a great 12-week workout plan that can be done at the gym- or home with ONE pair of dumbbells!Research shows keeping fit and exercising during pregnancy can help keep your weight gain at a healthy number, your body will snap back quicker and can even aid in an easier labour and delivery!

Here is a sample of what our pregnancy safe program looks like:

jpeg of example plan

4 Weeks of Meal Prep and Custom Meal Plans



Grab your copy to download here and do something great for YOU