It seems like when you’re expecting, and then as soon as you have a baby, all of your money flies out the window.  There are a lot of unexpected things that come up, from medication to an extra trip to Walmart for more diapers that add on to an already high amount of financial pressure.

But don’t panic.  There are ways you can cut back, and live within your means.  Try out any of these 11 ways to save money when you have a baby, even the small things add up!

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1. In the Hospital- Say No to a Private Room

Honestly, for the cost of the upgrade, you don’t ACTUALLY get any privacy.  There are nurses and doctors coming into your room at all hours, and depending on your hospital, there may also be a lot of visitors.  You can save hundreds just by making this one choice.  Plus it’s only for a few nights for most women.

2. In the Hospital- Don’t Activate the TV

You won’t need it.  Period.


3. Grab The Hospital Freebies

Most hospitals will have a supply of diapers, wipes, lotion, etc. that you are allowed to take with you when you leave.  Ask first, but most likely you’ll be able to take all of this stuff with you.

4. Nurse if You Can!

Nursing is completely free.  It can be tough, but once you get the hang of it there’s no bottle washing or clean-up or extra trips to the store.  You can even pump extra to store away.  Formula is very expensive.

5. Borrow a Breast Pump

If you know someone who has a really good pump and isn’t using it, borrow it!  They are very expensive to buy, and you may not even end up using one if you buy brand new then don’t end up nursing.



6.  Use Coupons for Formula

Not everyone can, or wants to nurse, so if you do formula feed- there are a TON of online coupon sites and suppliers who will send you rebate cheques in the mail for formula.

7.  Second-Hand Clothes

This one may be obvious, but baby and kids clothes are expensive.  Those little baby pairs of leggings can be $15 each!  That adds up a lot.  You can mix and match buying new with used, and still have a great wardrobe.  There are lots of swap and sell groups on social media sites, with almost-new clothing for cheap.

8.  Make Your Own Baby Food

solids ice cube traybaby food

Bottles and packages of baby food are costly.  You can make your own basics with a food processor or blender and freeze in ice cube trays you probably already have in your kitchen!  Then keep the frozen blocks of food in a tupperware dish or ziplock bag and pop them out as necessary.

9.  Buy BIG With Diapers

When you buy your diapers, bite the bullet and stock up on the mega-size boxes.  Per unit they end up being way cheaper, and you’ll use them.

10.  Look for Double Duty Furniture and Accessories

Think cribs that will convert into toddler beds, change tables with built-in dressers that can be used into childhood, etc.  Even better if they are used and in good condition.  Again, the parent groups on social media sites or online websites such as Kijiji are excellent places to find these.

11.  Skip the Baby Shoes

dior baby shoes

Baby shoes are the cutest, but aren’t really necessary.  Until they start walking, or attempting to walk, socks are really all that’s needed.  They’re just more of an accessory before then, a very, very expensive accessory.

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