35/36 Weeks Pregnant- Update

36 Weeks Pregnant Yesterday!  That’s 9 months…wow.


The Bump:   This week the baby is about the size of large cantaloupe, weighing in at almost 6 lbs and about 20 inches long.

Food:  Hmm this one is tough, food is sometimes unappealing and sometimes great. My friends had a baby shower dinner at Boston Pizza last night and the pizza and Caesar salad was GREAT. But other times that stuff just sounds yuck.  Smoothie bowls are consistently great, and vegetables and fruit.  Cold cereals, eggs, english muffins.

Weight Gained:  Up 28 pounds as of 36 weeks + a day!



Workouts:  The last two weeks have been pretty good.  The last couple of days I’ve had some mild cramping, so I had to leave the gym early yesterday.  It seems like the walking is the most uncomfortable, not the weights.  So I’ll just keep going until it doesn’t feel right.

Symptoms:  Still some pressure, mild cramping, lots of braxton hicks.  Energy on and off is still pretty good!  Belly button, basically out, that didn’t happen last time and I’m not sure how I feel about that ha!

Baby Arrival Prep:   Lots of freezer meals are done! Woo!! I did a bunch of deep cleaning in the house as well.  We also took our daughter to the zoo to have a special day with her, it was HOT.  She still had lots of fun, she loves animals so much.


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