37/38 Weeks Pregnant- Update

38 Weeks Pregnant Today!  

The Bump:   This week the baby is approximately the size of Swiss Chard!? About 7 pounds and 20 inches long- although my guess is more this time around.

Food: On and off good.  There are some moments where certain foods are unappealing, throwback to a little bit like first trimester.  Still eating lots of veggies- and smoothies, and then treats here and there too.

Weight Gained:  Around 28/29 pounds gained, the other day it went down to 27, then at my doctors appointment back up to 28.


Workouts:  Still going!  I’ve eased up on walking, which seems backwards, but weights are still feeling good and walking isn’t always.  I’ve been working out still 4-5 times per week.

Symptoms:  The doctor did an exam yesterday, and I’m 1cm dilated.  With my daughter I had her at 38 weeks 1 day, maybe this baby is less impatient 🙂

Baby Arrival Prep:   I feel ready this time!  Maybe not 100% there with emotional readiness, but all of the list of things to do are done. Got a few alone beach days in which were so nice as well.

38 weeks 3

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