7 Post-Partum Must Have’s (For Mom)

I actually took helpful notes while my daughter was an infant so I would remember what helped, or what worked best to remember for the next baby. The notes are still in my phone now- although I know what works for one may not work for the next.

Here is a list of 7 post-partum must have’s for moms.

1) Girdle or Belly Wrap (you can get them for c-section healing as well)

What are the benefits of a girdle after you give birth?  They provide support and compression, and reduce strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis, and buttocks.  Plus it just feels nice.

2) A GOOD nursing pillow and area to nurse

It can hurt your back always compensating for having improper support. I had a pillow last time that didn’t do very much for support, and my back and neck were always kinked. It helps to create a little station with snacks, water, book or by the tv if necessary. Some babies will have marathon nursing sessions. Also a good nipple cream! The hospital has a good brand you can ask them for some usually. Cloth nursing pads are excellent and can be reused many times, you just throw them in the wash with everything else!

image image

3) Granny Panties

Go big or go home.  Buy way bigger than usual, and assume that you’ll be throwing them out after.  You won’t want to rock a thong after birth.  Oh, and giant maxi pads, stock up on those as well.

image image


4) Lots of sweatpants and pj pants

Some moms are running around doing lots of visiting, but remember you also might not leave the house very much at first, so you may as well be comfortable!

5) Prepared food (make and freeze beforehand)

Having things you can grab, quickly heat up or dump in a slow-cooker is a lifesaver for you and your family.


6) Spray bottle

They’re actually called Perineum Spray Bottles. Keep it in your washroom for a couple weeks after giving birth. You spray cool water on yourself after you pee, it’s glorious, trust me.


7) A Good Pump if you’re breastfeeding!

Manual works great too and fits in your purse

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