You’ve probably heard the advice to shop the perimeter of the store. Avoiding the middle aisles is a good way to know which foods are the best choices to make, but realistically at some point people will want quick, healthy options to grab and take out the door. I compiled a few of the best healthy snack food and convenience foods I’ve had lately.


Packaged healthy snack food can be fit into your healthy diet just like fruit and vegetables can.  They’re still way better than having fast food all the time.  If you have kids or a busy lifestyle you know the struggle of needing to have quick options sometimes.  I can only imagine having to pack multiple lunches as well as your own, you’d want some good options that are already on hand.

You can feel good about buying some boxed, canned and jarred items when you’re equipped with the right information. Understanding what you’re looking for is the first step to healthy choices within the supermarket aisles.

 Here are some great options that you can keep on hand for when you need to have something quickly!

img_9394 Go Pure Sandwich Crackers
They’re just like the mini Ritz sandwich crackers, which were one of the things I could stomach while I had morning sickness.  These taste the exact same.  They come in 120 calorie bags which are also perfect for kids lunches.img_9395Luvo Frozen Meals

For frozen entrees, these actually have great ingredients.  This vegetable lasagna is even made with whole wheat pasta, and has a ton of vegetables.  All of their options have at least a side of real vegetables, and a lot of leafy greens, actually.

img_9404 img_9396 Harvest Snaps Snap Pea Crisps

These 100 calorie bags are from Costco.  You can get a huge box of them for super cheap, and they’re portioned perfectly.  You can also get them in different flavors, and they have baked lentil chips as well.

img_9397 Pure Protein Crunch Snack

These snack packs are another Costco find.  My FAVORITE healthy snack food.  If you find these, try them!  High protein, low sugar, all the good stuff.  Pure Protein makes great protein bars as well, which you can buy at Walmart for a really good price, or Costco if you have one nearby.img_9398img_9403Amy’s Chili

All of Amy’s products have great ingredients, a lot of them organic, and every item they have is vegetarian or vegan.  They also have a lot of gluten free options.  This chili has tofu and beans, and no weird ingredients.  Perfect to on hand when you just need to heat something up quickly.  Amy’s also makes soups, burritos, pad thai, meatless entrees, Indian dishes, pizzas, mac and cheese etc.


Solar Raw Food Ultimate Kale Chips

Don’t try these expecting them to taste like potato chips. But they’re a damn good snack considering they’re a super food vegetable.  They’re actually air dried not even baked to preserve all the vitamins and minerals kale has to offer!  The seasoning is made from raw cashews, and spices.

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