Burga Lovin’- Sunday Update

The Good- 

Went to the gym earlier today, making that 5 times this week (!!) and actually was able to take my time.


  • 3×10 Cable flys
  • 3×10 Incline Bench Dumbell Presses
  • 3×10 Triceps Cable Pushdown
  • 3×10 Barbell Chest Press
  • 3×10 Barbell Standing Shoulder Press
  • 3×10 Standing Dumbell Shoulder Flys
  • 3×10 Resistance band chest flys
  • 30 Minutes Incline Walking on the treadmill, then stretching.

The Bad-

Nothing. I just wanted to say that, but heres a buncha’ sweet groceries from today for this week.



The Ugly-

Tonight I had a treat meal, Because Burger Love ?❤️??. Balance kiddos. It was pretty good… but they didn’t include the maple garnish which was minus brownie points from Sam.

Enjoy the rest of the beautiful day that is Sunday. ?

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