I wanted to do something fun with my daughter this year for Christmas to have a keepsake for our Christmas tree.  This craft project was fun, but moreso for me than a 2 year old.  But older kids would love it!  I had her attention to get most of the thumb prints in and that was it,I just ended up giving her a paintbrush and paper to do her own thing.  Regardless, this makes a super cute DIY Kids Christmas Craft you can give away some or keep them on your own tree.

This craft is SUPER cheap.  I literally paid $5-6 for the supplies.  You can get all of the stuff you need at the Dollar Store.  Just make sure you get non-toxic paint if you’re doing it with toddlers/kids.

Homemade bulbs would make a great Christmas/Holiday gift for teachers, neighbors, etc.

What you’ll need to make this kids Christmas craft-

  • Different types of paintbrushes
  • Non- Toxic Paints-  If it’s adults doing this project, you can use acrylic, which would have worked better. But since it was with a toddler, I got the non-toxic water color paints.
  • Plain Christmas Bulbs- again, these are dollar store quality.  Glass bulbs would work best, but for kids the plastic ones work the best.  My daughter spent a good few minutes banging the bulbs on the table first.

img_9642img_9625 img_9627




  • First dip a thumb in the brown paint, and smudge it onto the ball.  We did one on each side.  Let dry for a few minutes.
  • Do a dollop of red for the nose, and black for the eyes.
  • Then paint on the antlers on with a fine paintbrush.
  • Add a pretty shiny ribbon or a string if the package comes with them.
  • Mark your initials and date on the bottom with a sharpie.

See?  So easy.

img_9628 img_9629img_9641

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