Don’t Let the Weekends Ruin Your Progress

Weekends are meant to be fun, and a celebration of the end of week!


Yes, for some of us that includes doing mountains of laundry and waking up at 6 a.m., but you don’t have to dread the weekend for derailing you from your healthy eating, or diet plan if you’re on one.  Here are some tips on how to avoid this-

1-Allow yourself to have a treat/cheat meal, date night or drinks with friends, etc. on the weekend. This gives you something special to look forward to, not dreading “the weekend” because of all of its temptations and access to unhealthy foods. Enjoy it, and move on.


2-Squeeze in an extra walk or just move a little more, even if it’s playing outside with your kids, then if you do indulge you’ll have been more active, balance!  This can be doing lunges while you cook dinner, taking every set of stairs you see, squatting while you brush your teeth.  Sounds silly, but it all adds up.


3-Use the weekend to prepare for the upcoming week, take a couple hours to food prep your breakfasts/snacks/lunches for the week days so you have easy, healthy eats and won’t need fast food during your week.  If you have your meals all set for the day, it’s a no-brainer.

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4- Be gentle with yourself. Learn to recognize when you’re negative self-talking for making “bad” choices. If you start treating the good choices as a lifestyle, not an “I’m on a diet for three months and I can’t have *insert food item* ever,” it’ll cut down on any guilt you feel for enjoying that burger or birthday cake.  Thinking this way will also enable you to carry on feeling like you can jump right back on the bandwagon the next meal, the next day, after vacation is over, whatever it may be a whole lot easier. It also makes social events less stressful.




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