You definitely don’t have to spend a TON of money to start building your own gym.  But if you are willing and able to spend just $100, you can build on that and have even more variety. Here is how to build a home gym for less than $100

2 (5-8) POUND WEIGHTS, WARM UP SET- $17.00


You’ll want a lighter set of weights to do any warming up or smaller muscle group exercises with.  Especially if you’re starting out.  I put pricing for 5 lb weights, but this may not enough weight for you (meaning you could jump up to 8lb weights (this will vary widely from person to person),which cost a bit more.  If you needed more weight you’d still be under the $100 mark total.  Generally it’s around $1/pound give or take you pay for any kind of dumbbell or weight).

YOGA MAT- $10.34


You’ll want a yoga mat especially if you have hard surface flooring.  They give a little bit more comfort and traction when you’re lifting weights, stretching or doing any body weight exercises.  Again, these are portable so you can move around your house.

2 (15) POUND WEIGHTS- $45.00


These are actually even cheaper if you buy them from Walmart. You may also need more or less than 15lbs, just using them as an example.



Skipping ropes take up zero space, they’re portable, and you can use them anywhere including inside the house in a small room.  Perfect for cardio, you can do them in between weight sets to keep up your heart rate.

SWISS BALL- $10.99



Incorporating one of these into your routine will force you to activate your stabilizer muscles and work on your balance.  They take your effort of sets up a notch.

= $90.56 TOTAL


There are two other items that you can add as well if you’re willing to spend another $91.75, or even just one or the other.

BENCH- $60.00


Having your own bench means you can do Dips, Step-Ups, Rows, presses etc. instead of using other items for stability.

FLOOR MATS- $31.75


Having good floor mats provides better support than a yoga mat, and these kind are actually anti-microbial and pretty sticky.

I have all of these items in my home gym, and they’re more than enough, especially if you’re just starting off. And that’s how you build a home gym for cheap!





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