Normally, after giving birth to a baby a woman feels fairly weak and exhausted.  New mothers, who need to undergo Caesarian operation for the baby’s birth, should be cared for even more, regarding proper nutrition and rest. But everyone may not have someone to care constantly for her, as the husbands are also likely to be busy during the day with work. So it is best to know what foods are best for a new mom, so that she can make adequate arrangements for eating those nutritious foods herself, which are necessary to regain her lost health and also will make her baby stronger.  It’s tough to eat healthy with a newborn, but it can be done.


All the essential nutrients should be present in the diet of a new mother, since often she is also breastfeeding her newborn baby. Hence, the foods should be chosen accordingly, to provide these nutrients to the body system of a woman, post childbirth.

Intake of enough Calcium – Calcium is an important mineral that is essential for the strengthening of the bones and teeth of the babies, as well as to regain the lost density of the bones of the mothers that was lost during the pregnancy period. The new mother should consume enough amounts of calcium-rich foods; such as yogurt, sardine fish and broccoli, and almonds for the betterment of the health of both mother and the baby.



Sufficient consumption of Vitamins – Most of the pregnant women are prescribed to take Vitamin tablets, for the maintenance of the health of both mothers and the babies. But they should not stop the intake of those tablets, even after their childbirth. The new mother must have sufficient Vitamin D in her body, for the growth of the baby’s bones. Therefore, she should eat such foods that are enriched in Vitamin D; such as salmon fish, milk, eggs and cheese. Vitamin B12 is another essential vitamin necessary for the development of the brain cells of the newborn. Therefore, the mother should be eating foods rich in Vitamin B12; like shellfish, soy products and eggs regularly, in the amount prescribed by the doctors.

Include only healthy foods in your diet – There are few foods that need to be included in the daily diet of the new mother, to ensure the best health of both the mother and her newborn. The eggs, lentils, lean meat, seafood, like salmon, leafy green vegetables, brown rice, breads made of whole wheat or whole grains, oranges, blue berries and low fat dairy products should be eaten, as much possible by the new mother, so that the baby becomes healthier and she can regain her lost energy and body strength.

Eat whenever you feel hungry – After the childbirth, it is most natural for the new mother to feel hungry within short intervals. These bouts of hunger should neither be suppressed, nor be fulfilled with some chips or any kind of junk food. Instead, the new mother should keep stock of healthy foods, like cooked lean meat or vegetables or chocolates; which will take care of her health, while fulfilling her appetite.

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Drink lots of water – It is essential for a new mother to drink plenty of water, all through the day, to prevent dehydration of the mother’s body during the lactation period. The amount of breast milk also increases with the intake of sufficient amount of water, by the mother.

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