Pregnancy Journal: Week 21

imageI had a prenatal appointment and the doctor said the baby is measuring at 22 weeks and a few days, so bigger than normal at 21. And she recommended taking my belly ring out now ? Do people still wear those anyway? I love it.

Anyway here’s some updates for week 21

The Bump:


This is what it looks like in the morning, and as the day go on it grows…by night time it’s huge!


Food:  Everything is almost back to normal now, the first 14-15 weeks were touch and go. Vegetables and healthy food is all appealing now.

Weight Gained:  Up 13 pounds

Workouts:            Anywhere from 1-5 times a week, depending on when I can get there. This week so far is 3 times. I’ve noticed I’m even more clumsy and uncoordinated than usual (!!!) which is interesting at the gym.

Baby Arrival Prep:  Nada ?


Keep Fit and Have Fun! hahaha

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Journal: Week 21

  1. I know I see you almost every day but I love getting updates on here and reading your blog. Good job! Great ongoing record.

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