Pregnancy Journal: Week 22

The Bump:  The picture on the left is last week, and on the right is a picture of the bump I took yesterday, 22 weeks. It’s crazy that 5 months have gone by already.  At the ultrasound a few weeks ago the tech said the baby weighed over 14oz, so by now they’d be more than a  pound in there!

Food: It’s all good!  Lots of vegetables, fruit, protein and complex carbs, with treats here and there.  Pizza is actually really unappealing for once in my life- besides my homemade tortilla pizzas, those are still great.  Again the first 3-4ish months were horrible for nausea, and you just basically eat whatever appeals to you to survive…but I can tell you there was pretty well no green in my diet haha.


Weight Gained:  13 lbs

Workouts:  The past week I’ve gone every day except Saturday. Weight lifting 4 of the days and the other couple days I only had time to walk on the treadmill.

Symptons: Braxton Hicks contractions on and off, they started around 20 weeks.  Lower back pain is also on and off, and can be brought on by carrying my 30lb daughter, and picking her up, putting her down repeatedly.  My energy is really good. Second Trimester is the best time to get anything done…so taking advantage while I can. Tuesday they were kicking or punching under my ribs somehow like a champ all day long. Finally, my nose is stuffy all the time.

Baby Arrival Prep:  Bought a used Exersaucer (critical for any parents-to-be out there), seriously one of our must-have’s.


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