Pregnancy Journal: Week 23


The Bump:   The picture on the left is a week ago, and on the right is a picture of the bump I took today, at 23 weeks. Sometimes I do a double take in the mirror like what is that! Oh, just my belly- it’s that big, but in the mornings it’s much smaller.

This week the baby is the size of a papaya, and weighs about 1 1/4 pounds, although in my case it’s probably more since the baby is measuring bigger.

Food:            Still all good. I’m on a tortilla pizza, spaghetti squash and scrambled eggs kick, oh and chocolate! But only certain kinds, like the healthier chocolate cake I make. Ice cream sounds oh-so-good also, and there is definitely a trip to Frosty Treat in the near future. On Saturday I had a delicious treat meal of Chicken Alfredo pasta at the Dundee Arms. Killed it. It was really nice to wear a dress and do my hair and makeup, where as any time outside of work it’s either Lululemon or PJ-time in my books.



Weight Gained: up 15 lbs

Workouts:         The past week I’ve gone to the gym every day! Two of the days were walking on the treadmill on and off an incline. Sunday I did a leg workout that I can still feel, movement getting in and out of the truck is fairly sloth-like. The energy difference between first and second trimester are actually mind blowing. The first few months I was literally in bed by 8:00 p.m. some nights.

Symptons:       Braxton Hicks contractions are still on and off. Nose is still stuffy Another one I’ve had actually for a while and may as well say it, because what the hell why not, is my back has been broken out really bad the whole time! I’ve never had that problem before. Pregnancy is beautiful but there are some very undesirable side effects,

Baby Arrival Prep:   Picked a room color for the baby’s room, does picking a color count? Ha. And ordered a toddler bed for my daughter which just came in. The months just keep slipping by.

Here’s a comparison to my last pregnancy on the exact same day on 23 weeks to today in 2016.  As you can tell I look tired and a little more crazy now (NO filter, this is my under eye action and all), which is just the difference between only taking care of yourself and now having a small human being to look after. It’s neat to keep track and look back at the changes or differences.


Have a great day! 🙂

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