Pregnancy Journal: Week 25



25 Weeks Pregnant Today!

The Bump:   This week the baby is the size of a turnip! They’re over 9 inches long, and weigh about 1.7 pounds.   I had a prenatal checkup with the doctor today though and measuring at 26 weeks, so bigger than this by now.  Next week I have to take the dreaded glucose test (where you drink thick, orange sugary syrup.  Who knows why you can’t have something that actually tastes good instead?) and a needle!

Food:             Craving steak and lobster like a mother. We have expensive taste apparently. I’ve had lean grilled steak a couple times in the past week, and had an amazing lobster dinner for Mothers Day (including seafood chowder, mussels and the best rolls!) I’ve been travelling as well a bit due to training and bringing some of my own healthy choices, then supplement with fast food salads, fruit & protein bars etc.

Weight Gained: Up 16 pounds

Workouts:   Excellent, still 4-5 times a week. Lower back pain creeps in here and there, especially on evenings after any squats etc.


Symptoms:   I can feel the baby kick and punch like crazy some days. The other night I could see them like flipping around and having a dance party. Tired as frig.  It’s hard to tell if it’s because sleep is interrupted because of my daughter waking up in the middle of the night or very early sometimes, or having to sleep in our bed (meaning technically there are four people in one bed) and my daughter tosses and turns all night.  But I can’t complain because it has nothing on the tired that is having a newborn!  Some days I feel that I appear exactly like this-


Baby Arrival Prep: The baby’s room has one coat of paint done! (Although not me painting, the fumes were pretty strong). It just looks like a mess right now, but it’s still just a spare/computer room.  We haven’t decided for sure if the room we’re painting is for the baby when they come or if it’ll be my daughter Sky’s room since her room now is closest to the master, and both colors are gender-neutral anyway.


Here’s a comparison to my last pregnancy with Sky in 2014 on the exact same day on 25 weeks pregnant to today in 2016.



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