Pregnancy Journal: Week 26


26 Weeks Pregnant Today!

The Bump:   This week the baby is the size of an Eggplant. They weigh a little over 2 pounds and are a little more than 9 inches long.  Their eyes start opening this week too! Not that there’s much to see.  I find this baby doesn’t move around as much as Sky did, so either they’re really chill in there or I just don’t notice as much being distracted and busy with a toddler.

Food:           Salad!  Can’t complain about wanting to eat a lot of salad.  I went out to dinner with some friends on Sunday night, and had Steak (no surprise), baked potato, salad and they had fresh baked white bread (so good).  Also, Quest bars baked with fat free cream cheese, Steak, peanut butter.

Weight Gained: Up 18 pounds!


Workouts:   Going great, still 4-5 times a week. I may start incorporating Prenatal Yoga here and there, since my hips and lower back are really starting to feel the body stretching and changes.  I’m also super unsteady and wobbly, not that I’m amazingly graceful to begin with- but any type of walking/moving exercise I have to really pay attention.

During pregnancy your body actually releases a lot more of a hormone called Relaxin, which literally relaxes the ligaments in your body.   I’m sure this is mostly to blame, although the relaxin starts to ramp up even more in the third trimester and closer to birth.

Symptoms:  During sleep and at night time in general, my lower back/hips hurt a lot.  It’s mostly when I go to flip over in bed, I feel like I’m 90 years old. Again thank god for the Snoogle pillow to help with anything sleep-related.

Baby Arrival Prep: Nothing unfortunately. But unrelated to baby prep, and just exciting news- I enrolled and got my package yesterday to start taking the Certified Personal Trainer Program!

Here’s a comparison to my last pregnancy with Sky in 2014 on the exact same day on 26 weeks pregnant to today in 2016.  It feels like this pregnancy and the way I’m carrying is different this time, but two years later it’s hard to tell.


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