Pregnancy Journal: Week 27


27 Weeks Pregnant Today!

The Bump:   This week the baby is the size of a Cucumber. They weigh around 2 and a quarter pounds and are about 1.25 feet long.  It’s already starting to feel very compressed in there, like there’s absolutely no room left.


Food:           Fruit, Chicken breast, cheese, crackers and peanut butter, salad, smoothies.  All on par with summer foods.  Last night me and my boyfriend celebrated his birthday and had a nice meal, we each had a mini lobster slider for apps and then my dish was a Moroccan chicken breast with veggies/olives/dates and a tomato sauce which was sooo good.  And then birthday cake 🙂


Weight Gained: Up 20 pounds! (Give or take, when I don’t have doctors appointments it’s just at the gym I use the scale).  I wish I had tracked last time.

Workouts:   Still going, 4-5 times a week. Still feeling the hip and lower back pain, walking feels good though.  My muscles are tiring quicker, but some days are still fairly normal.

Symptoms:  Lower back and hip pain, pressure in my belly/pelvic area. Two days ago I got tired all of a sudden and had to lay down right then.

Baby Arrival Prep:  I guess it isn’t for the baby, but Sky’s room is coming together which means she’ll be out of the nursery.  Her toddler bed is together, so crazy how fast the time went.  I made three clean meals this week, to test out as freezer baby prep meals for later in the summer.


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