Pregnancy Journal: Week 29/30

30 Weeks Pregnant Today!

The Bump:   This week the baby is the size of a butternut squash!  A very jabby, sharp-limbed Butternut Squash.  They weigh over 3 pounds and are about 17 inches long.  According to my What To Expect App, they’ll start gaining about 1/2 pound per week from here on out.



Food:  This has really ranged in the last couple weeks.  From not much of an appetite since I wasn’t feeling well and everything is blah, to back to normal now and I’m very happy to feel normal again. But two guys supplemented my hospital food with cookies and peanut butter toast, both which were glorious.  Coffee is unappealing, which doesn’t happen EVER except during the morning sickness phase, I’ve been on a decaf tea kick instead.  Nuts.


Weight Gained: Still sticking at 20 pounds up.  I had a doctors check-up appointment yesterday for the baby and follow-up for me after being discharged from the hospital, and was also weighed there.  All’s looking good!

Workouts:  The last week, zero.  I went into the hospital Thursday and have only been resting since then.  Resting and napping.  Napping is glorious.  I got the go-ahead yesterday at my appointment though to start resuming normal activity, including working out so I’ll go (easy) back to the gym today.

Symptoms:  This was what I had written for week 29- Getting hit hard with tired spells here and there.  Also the last couple days it’s felt like the start of a flu, with body aches a bit and some chills? This turned out to be symptoms that brought me to the hospital, once it was accompanied by a pain in my lower right side that didn’t go away.  Other than that happening though, no new symptoms.  Sleep is still including a bunch of waking up during the night, partially because rolling over is like an Olympic event, and some of it just seems for no reason, and also just tired probably due to my body healing.

Baby Arrival Prep:  


Kidding.  But I need to start on this, as we all know things don’t always happen the way you plan and it would be nice to get the bulk of baby prep done.  There’s a lot that really will have to wait until we know if it’s a boy or girl, but some of it (which includes a lot of nesting deep cleaning that may not get done for another long, long time), can be done before.

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