Pregnancy Journal: Week 31/32

32 Weeks Pregnant/ 8 Months Yesterday!


The Bump:   This week the baby is about the size of a head of lettuce.  They weigh almost 4 pounds and are about 19 inches long.  They move around so much at night time when I go to sleep, huge movements like they’re completely flipping around.

Food:  Peanut butter and toast with molasses, anything salty, seafood.  I had a huge pesto craving two days ago so I picked up some fresh basil and made Pesto Chicken Pasta from scratch, unreal.

Weight Gained: I had a prenatal check-up, and I’m at 23 pounds gained.



Workouts:  The last two weeks have been good!  Doing weights paired with walking about 4 times each week, at the gym.  Yesterday was a home workout with a Barbell & Free Weights.

Symptoms:  Still no stretch marks.  Sleep is still on and off, waking up through the night, tossing and (slowly and painfully) turning, weird foot cramps, the list goes on.  Some pelvic pressure and very tired on and off.  Being outside in the heat is draining, just sitting outside for about 45 minutes the other day with a friend on a patio I could totally feel my energy drop after, even though I drank water and we were in mostly shade.

Baby Arrival Prep:   I dug out a lot of old nursing supplies and clothing the other day, as well as some other newborn stuff I had stored.  Crazy to think in two months or less I’ll be back to nursing (as long as all goes well).  I’ve also started to buy all the “goodies” that you need for after giving birth that make life easier.


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