Pregnancy Journal: Week 33/34

34 Weeks Pregnant Today!


The Bump:   This week the baby is about the size of a pineapple!  They weigh almost 5 pounds and are almost 20 inches long.  Wow.

Food:  New potatoes, bbq chicken, fresh veggies, greek yogurt and ice cream!  Those are totally my cravings the past few weeks.

Weight Gained:  I had my regular prenatal check-up today and I’m up 24 lbs total.



Workouts:  The last two weeks have been good! Still at about 4x per week.  I’ve been using our home gym set-up and it’s so convenient.

Symptoms:  My belly button is on a slow ride to being an outie.  Sleep is not going very well, and everything in my torso is highly compressed along with the baby kicking the shit out of me (which is a good thing).  So nothing abnormal, just the regular discomfort that comes with pregnancy at this stage.

Baby Arrival Prep:   We now have a new baby-friendly vehicle, and dug out the infant car seat and bases.  The swing, clothing (girls), seats, etc. are all taken out of storage.  It’s crazy to me going through all my daughters teeny baby clothes especially the newborn sizes, I can’t believe she fit in those at one point!

My hospital bag is packed, and some deep cleaning of the house has been done.  We also had a weekend at the family cottage and we went to a fun park with our daughter since it wasn’t really beach weather.

Comparison shot from two years ago!


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