Last week we attended Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within- a four day seminar, or experience is more like it, in Los Angeles, California.  I’m just coming out of the fog of having a really bad flu for 4 days, and wish I captured some of this earlier- but it’ll all come back with time (and my notes).

Who is that Tony Robbins Guy?

When you bring up Tony Robbins some people either A) have no idea who the hell that is, or B) Shake their heads vigorously and are super excited to hear you’ll be going to his event because THEY’RE SO FREAKING AMAZING AND YOU’LL HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER or C) Think he’s a “scam”- like why would you spend money to go to that. Whatever you believe, if you’re a skeptic or a fan, you would have left the Galen Center in Los Angeles impressed.

He’s not just a speaker/author/entrepreneur, whatever you want to call him- he’s like a life force.  He’s helped millions of people improve their OWN lives. When you hear him speak it feels like he’s talking to you directly.  As he’s said himself, he’s not there to motivate anyone, he’s the “why” guy.  He wants to help you figure out WHY you do what you do, and how to make changes.

Whether you believe anything that man says or not, you will leave his event with a newfound respect for yourself and the world around you.  There were so many take-aways I could never write them all down, or even begin to incorporate them all into everyday life right away.  I will continue to add and edit to this article as time goes on.

Getting Into Peak State

There is amazing dance music playing each day, all day long. There is also a lot of chanting “yes!”, dancing, and hugging or high-fiving strangers- these are all methods of getting into peak state.

That basically means getting yourself into a pumped-up “You’re the shit and you can conquer anything” kind of mind frame, or any of the below:

  • on top of the world
  • fearless and certain
  • amazing clarity of thought
  • Inspired
  • bursting with creativity
  • brilliant ideas
  • plans for exciting things
  • inner peace.

It’s mental and physical.  Usually I would be awkward about or hate the idea of dancing all day/touching strangers (weird)/any of the things this event is about, but by day 2- none of it was a big deal.  It was fun.  Like, really fun.

There was no alcohol or drugs, yet people were basically partying from 8:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. or later.  While learning.


Imagine that fear was no longer a factor in your life. What would you do, change, or accomplish? People who achieve their ultimate visions share one fundamental power: transforming fear into a catalyst for action. Learn the secret to real results that Tony’s used to transform millions of lives. Overcome the unconscious fears that are holding you back.

One of the most valuable thing Tony talked about that day, was about our own personal blueprints. We all have our own personal blueprint in life that dictates how we should think and feel about certain things, and that includes what we achieve.  They are our “set of rules,” which defines how we make big decisions in our lives-or basically defines us as human beings.

If you chose to go to college for 4 years, get married at 25, have 2 kids and then retire on a nice, comfortable pension plan at 58- that’s your blueprint in control.  If you grew up in a family where your parents worked their butts off making $20,000-30,000 per year you may grow up with the thoughts steering you that you need to work your ass off for $20,000-30,000 per year, log an 8/9 hour day and go home every day at 5- and that’s the way life is.

Or your blueprint could be that you’re overweight, or you’re poor- and always will be.  It’s your “story.”

But on Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within –we learned that you don’t have to live your blueprint if it doesn’t align with what you want.  You can change it.

We also learned:

  • What controls and determines  the quality of our lives?
  • What do we do what we do?- 6 human needs
  • Communication
  • Processing Fears

And then we walked on fire!

The Fire Walk

This is obviously a metaphor for facing your fears and accomplishing goals.  Take something you are very afraid of (which we were), or something that seems impossible- and rock it.

They had thousands of us leave the Galen Center, walk a couple blocks, and then wait outside a blocked off area where you couldn’t see what was going on.  A few minutes later we were filed inside the Fire Walk area (on the campus of USC, and lined up into a bunch of lines basically in the dark.  There were only a few street lights in the whole square, which added to the atmosphere. By this point you’re literally freaking out and talking yourself out of it.


At first I thought there was nothing going on- I was in a line-up in the dark taking my shoes off with a bunch of people, but maybe they didn’t have the coals set up yet? Then I had my first glimpse of what we were about to do- two guys with wheelbarrows emptying out a bunch of fresh, hot coals and thought “holy fuck this is real.”  The rest goes by very quickly- there’s a staff member at the start of the coals and a few at the end.  I just remember not looking down, and thinking how good it would feel to be at the other end.  Once I got across they had to pull me back to rinse my feet (you get a bit excited obviously).

I so wish videos or pictures were allowed- but they were discouraged since a flash going off could seriously knock someone out of state and they could burn themselves.  Here is after!


What do you want in your life, career or relationships? The most powerful people in the world got to where they are with a clear sense of direction. Today is about the power of success conditioning. You’ll gain an understanding of what you want most in life, so you can make key decisions that lead to real results. Discover the steps to changing your life permanently, and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

On day 2 it was Joseph McClendon who led most of the day.  We learned about:

  • The power of beliefs
  • Steps to lasting change
  • The science of momentum
  • Finding your passion
  • Closing the Gap (between where you are and where you want to be financially)
  • The power of mastering your business

This day was based around financial material, and there were a few speakers who came in to talk about their business and how they started from the ground up.  It’s mentioned a TON over the four days that your past doesn’t have to equal your present or your future (unless you live in it).  Yeah it sucks when shitty things happen to good people, but it doesn’t have to determine what you do with your life!

Closing the Gap was an exercise where we figured out the steps you’re committed to taking  to create the financial life you want, what led you to your current place and what specific actions are you going to take to close the gap to get where you want?


Now that you’ve conquered your fears, clarified what you want, and made a plan for getting there, the only things holding you back are your inner conflicts that prevent you from taking action. Today, you’ll uncover beliefs that limit your life. Learn the simple strategies that will help you achieve the results you want and deserve. Experience global change by replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones that drive you towards the results you want.

Saturday was a long day, with Tony back leading the seminar.  We arrived a bit late since we locked our car in a parkade, but we didn’t miss too much since it started a bit late that day.

We learned about:

  • The pyramid of mastery
  • Values and beliefs
  • Limiting beliefs

This day was by far the most emotional.  I do not like crying in front of anyone.  In fact, I’ll do what I can to avoid it.  But these events have a way of putting that to a stop.  We learned how to take any limiting beliefs we have and put an end to them.  Limiting beliefs can actually hold you back in many areas of your life!  Think of a few easy ones- “I can’t accomplish that, I’m a woman” or “You need money to make money” or “I don’t deserve love, I’m going to be single forever.”

That ties in with values, since humans will do a lot to experience pleasure, but they’ll do even more to avoid pain.


The most important factor to creating an extraordinary quality of life is energy. Good health is imperative to change, yet we often put our bodies on the back burner. To take your life to the next level, you need to make a commitment to living healthily. Learn how to renew your energy with nutritional and psychological strategies that boost your immune system. Take the challenge and put what you’ve learned into action and experience the vibrant health and vitality you deserve.

The last day was both learning material and some sales pitch type stuff.  There were some impressive speakers that came, one who demonstrated the power of energy through some exercises he got us to do, and with a room full of 9000 people it was pretty amazing!

Joseph McClendon was back for the last day and he spoke about pure energy.  How do you get it, how do you improve it- mentally and physically.  The speakers all tied into this, and there were some simple notes and lessons learned that we’ll be starting to do in our household as well.  We learned about disease and how it ties in with your energy or how you take care of yourself, maintaining healthy cells, exercise, healthy eating, etc.

Here is an example of Day 4 after everyone played ALL OUT and we were still dancing.

Was it worth it?

100 times over.  I came back and had 4 days of the worst flu ever, but it’s so worth every minute. If you can find a way to get yourself to one of Tony Robbins events, do it!  There’s live interventions and energy you can’t get from videos or books.

You’ll also do things you never thought you could, feel things you’ve never felt (true story) and discover what’s holding you back from achieving some of the things in life you truly deserve.  And for the skeptics who don’t really believe in all that self development stuff, at least it’s a huge dance party and you can walk on fire and shit.

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