Second Trimester Must-Have’s


So really there’s nothing you need per se. But there are things that can make life easier for the second trimester of your pregnancy.

Whether it be decreasing your nausea if it’s still around, sleeping better, or just being more comfortable in general. I’ve compiled a list of 11 things, just from experience that you may need to draw on soon or some day in the future.

1. A Snoogle!

This guy is a full body pillow that surrounds your whole body, and as your belly grows it provides support and helps align your body properly while you sleep on your side. To be honest I would probably keep the Snoogle around even when I’m not pregnant if it wasn’t for my boyfriend. Trust me, it’ll pay for itself.


2. Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil

In the second trimester the baby starts packing on pounds. This means your belly expands very quickly.

Our bodies are amazing, and our skin can handle a lot, but some people will have to deal with stretch marks. It could be genetic or could be that you’re fair skinned, or just have a huge baby bump. You can’t always prevent stretch marks, BUT you can minimize. That’s where creams or oils can help you out big time. Your skin also will become very itchy due to stretching so slathering on oil will keep you moisturized minimizing this problem.

With my first pregnancy I didn’t get stretch marks, and used this stuff religiously.  Maybe this has nothing to do with it, maybe not.  But it couldn’t have hurt.  So far so good this time around as well, although there’s still three months to go.image

3. Pants with Magic Belly Panels. And good comfortable PJ pants

You may not fit into your regular clothes by this point. And there’s no reason to try to fight it, you can get cute jeans or dress pants with a full panel that will feel supportive and provide coverage.

Maternity Full-Panel Skinny Jeans - Dark Washpjs

4. What to Expect When You’re Expecting Book & App


If it’s your first time at the rodeo, this one is for you. I read a few books with my first baby and this one covers basically everything you could ever want or need to know, as much as reading can teach you anyway.

The app is great because it gives you daily updates on what’s happening with your body, as well as weekly videos, etc.


5. Someone you can Cry To/With/On

I cry a lot, and know others do too. Sometimes with reason and sometimes without. This sounds a little rediculous but if you experience any form of good old hormonal surges, it’s nice to have someone who can simply hug you or hear you out during those times. Let’s be honest, husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriends/partners can suck in that department- so it can be anyone important to you if that’s the case; a friend, sibling, parent etc.


6. Snacks With You at ALL Times

So necessary. Keep something on hand in your car/office/purse at all times. Many ladies I’ve spoken with can actually feel nauseous if they don’t eat frequently. I find that happening a lot as well.  Protein/energy bars are shelf-stable options for your car and purse.image image image

7. A Really Good Prenatal Vitamin

I wrote a post on this here-

The Best Vitamins for Prenatal Nutrition

A good prenatal vitamin can be a helpful part of your pregnancy, whereas a not so good brand can add to your nauseau, digestive issues, and so on.IMG_2404

8.  Comfortable Bras and Sports Bras

For real your chest area changes as much as your belly. Your regular tight/cute frilly bras most likely aren’t going to cut it anymore.  Especially if you’re nursing once your milk comes in, a comfortable bra will feel like a dream.image

9. Maxi Dresses

If you’re in the second trimester in the spring or summer, get a couple of these.  They’re easy and cute to throw on and very comfortable in the heat.image

10. Dumbbells and Yoga Mat

I couldn’t resist I just had to throw this one in there. This is so helpful to have a set at home for you to get in a quick home workout or yoga session, that’s all I’ll say about that.image

11. Epsom Salts

This is for a warm bath for when any aches and pains set in (if they do at all). The idea is that magnesium sulfate (found in Epsom salts) is supposed to help heal muscle pain or soreness (or delayed-onset muscle soreness). Whether it’s a placebo effect or not who cares, if you think it helps do it.


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