There are SO many things in a baby store when you start looking into what you will need.  But so much of it is either overkill, or unnecessary and you can get away without it.  I’m a bit the opposite where I hate clutter and extra things kicking around in the house since they just take up room or get covered in dog hair honestly.

So what are a few things that really are handy and will get plenty of use for when you have a newborn?  Here is my minimalist guide to baby gear.

I’ve mentioned it many times, but-

A good Nursing Pillow


A Front Baby Carrier

These are excellent for getting shit done!  Sometimes babies will NOT let you put them down, and I don’t blame them, or some babies just want to be by their parent at all times.  These carriers enable you to still do a lot of things within reason, while baby-wearing.  Win-win.  You obviously just have to be careful, no bending over, or being around a hot stove, etc.


Sleep Sack

I seriously have no patience for trying to swaddle.  We tried over and over to swaddle our daughter and it just didn’t work, she’d kick free every time. Enter the sleep sack!  This is the exact same one from Walmart we used for her, and it’s so amazing.  It keeps them happy, secure, warm, and it literally is just one zipper instead of folding and tucking and all of that.



Infant Swing with Music

Any kind of cozy swing with a buckle, and fun items to look at is a lifesaver.  It’s the perfect place for napping in an area you can still see them, if you have it somewhere like your living room or kitchen. There are also lots of swings that have music options, if you find that helps sooth your baby as well.


Wubbanub Soothers

There’s something about these that worked really well.  My daughter wasn’t even huge on pacifiers, but she loved having these little teddies with her to suck or chew on.  You can throw them in the wash with other items too!  This was excellent since the dog seemed to love them as much as she did.


Fleece Car Seat Insert for Winter

These pop right into the car seat, and zip right around so you can cover the baby from any cold or snowy weather in the winter.  I found when I would put our daughter in a snow suit and then the car seat she couldn’t even be strapped in, so this was amazing.  I think there are some mixed reviews on whether people believe these are safe or not, so it’s up to each person’s own discretion.





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