Tone Your Whole Body!- Home or Gym Workout


Usually  I make up my own workouts with dumbells/barbells/cables/bands etc. before going to or while at the gym.  But then I came across this workout the other day on pinterest.

Sometimes you just get in a rut and need some ideas from outside sources. This workout can be done at home if you have a set of dumbells, a swiss ball and a band or bungee cord, but even the last two aren’t completely necessary.


It’s great for beginners, and you can modify or adjust and use very light weights too if you’re just new to working out.

This routine is obviously targeted towards pregnant women, but can be used by anyone. I tested it out Wednesday and after working out chest/shoulders/triceps the day before some of it burned (in a good way) even with lighter weights!


I followed this routine at the gym, but it could easily have been done at home. Most people have a set of dumbells and fitness ball kicking around somewhere. Give it a try!

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