Half a year, wow!

Some months go by without much change, and others I definitely see a huge difference.  This is why I stopped doing a monthly post- they started to seem redundant.

Between months 5-6 there wasn’t much change.  My measurements were the same at month 6 as they were at 5 Months- however, we went on an all-inclusive trip for a week in early February and then away another night a few days after.  I’m totally OK with that!  You need to be able to find a balance where you enjoy life as well.


Food has been pretty good!  Minus our two vacations (where I totally took part in frozen drinks/wine/restaurant food and even a few nights we got pizza room service).  I usually do food prep on Sundays or Mondays and make at least enough food for my lunches for the week, and some suppers.  This is much easier for when I have both kiddos home.


No problem with the workouts!  I am doing 4/5 per week.  Cardio is pretty minimal (I do 4 x 20 minutes per week on average).  I even got a couple gym sessions in at the resort we stayed at in Mexico, which actually had a sweet set-up.  And bonus,  we usually had it to ourselves!

For workouts and food I have been folllowing my own 12 Week Body Transformation Guide



Weight is back to pre-pregnancy.  I haven’t weighed myself in at least 3 weeks but the last time I did at a gym, I was the same as before!

Here are progress pictures I took at 1 Week-


Here is one month post-partum-


And here is where we stand as of 6 months, on Tuesday!

 That’s all for now!

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