One month update, wow!  The baby is sleeping a couple of longer stretches now, which is so nice. So that means (a little) more sleep for everyone else.  Some days I feel like I’m surviving purely on caffeine and adrenaline though. My body isn’t really sore anymore, and swelling has gone down (although I still get crazy night sweating which is a normal side effect from  nursing, and your body trying to regulate the roller coaster hormones in a woman’s body after pregnancy).



Still having the freezer meals and breakfasts with some homemade meals and snacks thrown in there (when permitted).  Eating mostly healthy, clean food, paired with some not-so healthy food.  Trying to keep the calories up for nursing, but I’m slowly cleaning up the diet part.



The last couple weeks I started doing light weights, pelvic floor exercises, and walking every day.  This feels SO good even when I’m tired, it actually energizes me.


I haven’t weighed myself yet, but have my doctors checkup soon that I will get an official number.  I did measure myself though, and compared with my first post-pregnancy I’m measuring at where I was at 4.5 months post-partum last time, woo!  I still have a bunch of work ahead, but I’m excited- it’s nice to have something to work towards.

Here are pictures I took at 1 Week-


And here is today, at one month post-partum-


 That’s all for now!

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