Since this is a fitness/health and wellness blog, I want to post progress updates on where I’m at. It’s a little scary to put that stuff out there, but it’s part of my journey and it also holds me accountable in the future. I hope to do them monthly, this is my update one week post-partum.

My body is still sore and a little bit swollen, and probably will be for another while. I haven’t been getting much sleep (obviously) and at this point it’s just survival mode.


The first 6 days was all hospital food (which was a blessing to have that convenience), supplemented by snacks I brought and some oat cookies. Then the first night home we cooked one of the freezer meals I had made.



Eat, sleep, nurse repeat that’s it. I put in a good amount of work while I was pregnant to maintain my muscle and now it’s time to rest until I am cleared to work out again. I created a 12-week workout plan that’s safe for pregnancy and post-partum here, which walks you through each exercise complete with a glossary. This plan is based off my own workouts I did up until the day before I had my son.

Here are pictures I took from 2 days-


4 Days


One Week


That’s all for now!


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