On Friday it was 2 Months!

We’re starting to get into a routine over here-with sleep, two kids, workouts, “me” time, etc. But it’s real work with two kiddos, I’ll tell you that much.  By the time 9:30 p.m. rolls around at least one of them is usually still awake, and by then I’m ready for bed.  The baby is still having one good stretch of sleep through the night, and the past couple of nights he’s actually slept 7 hours straight!  Knock on wood.

As far as my body at two months post-baby, things are going well.  There hasn’t been huge changes, but I do feel like I’m tightening up, even if just a little bit.  Some people believe that your body holds on to 5-10 pounds of fat when you’re breastfeeding, but the next couple of months will tell for sure.



Food is going great.  Clean eating, combined with treats (pizza) and wine here and there too.  5-6 Small food-prepped meals or bars/smoothies per day. For the healthy stuff yesterday I made protein banana chocolate chip loaf, and I’ve been eating lots of turkey, veggies, brown rice, broccoli, homemade soup, sprouted grain bread + nut butter, smoothies, konjac pasta, chicken breast, protein bars, greek yogurt, etc.



They’ve been 4-5 days per week the last month.  At my six week check-up (which was really 5 weeks and a few days) I got the OK to resume normal exercise, including ab work.  I have been slowly starting to incorporate ab exercises, which to be honest is a struggle.  I feel really weak in that area after having my son and have to force myself to do them.

Also there isn’t a lot of time to get stuff done with a baby/toddler. Workouts are sometimes interrupted with 1-3 hour areas of time the baby may wake up and need me, not complaining, just stating a fact.


I don’t own a scale so all I have to go by is the last time I weighed myself using a gym scale a few weeks ago, and was about 8 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight.  My weight is actually the same right now as it was at 6 months post-partum my first pregnancy- thanks OCD record everything Sam notes from Myfitnesspal from two years ago.

Here is now, at two months post-partum-


 That’s all for now!

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